Hello all-

I live, work and cook in San Francisco. I love my city, I love food and I love sharing my adventures in cookery! My 'thing' right now is collecting old cookbooks. I'm a vintage cookbook whore... I'll admit it. My cookbook/foodbook collection is at the critical mass point.... they're piling up everywhere.

This is the deal. I cook. A lot. I do it because I really love food. I love gorgeous food but I don't believe that food needs to win a beauty contest to be good. I also thrive on inviting too many people over and cooking for a crowd.

I cook and eat in my fair city of San Francisco. If I'm not cooking, I'm trolling the neighborhoods for a great restaurant find.

I started this blog to share my collection, my culinary experiments and to share the (dorky) thrill I get from all things food!

Welcome to my life, my kitchen and my brain!



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