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January 02, 2008


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Hi, Erin,

It looks like your Sachertorte turned out beautifully. I made a linzertorte for New Year's Eve. The recipe is from Craig Claiborne's (original, blue) New York Times Cookbook. You should try it sometime. It's delicious, but doing the lattice across the top is a pain because the dough is so soft (since it's tons of butter), and the directions for how to do that don't work exactly. I have improvised by just doing little "sort of strings" across the top in dribs and drabs. When the torte cooks, they all meld into each other and look perfect. Happy New Year.


It came out ok. Definitely not worth the chocolate-melded pots and pans according to the resident dish-washer but I'm so glad I made it. I LOVE linzertortes but I've never attempted one. Thanks for the cookbook tip!



Now this is MY kind of resolution. Yay for your efforts--cleaning sounds like a pain, but it really looks like you stood your ground and made an awesome torte!


Thanks Jessie! And thankfully I wasn't in charge of cleanup because it involved scraping a pan until it was deemed unsavable and then tossed and de-choclafiying a collander. I think there are still dishes in the sink actually.



Funny, my resolution is to bake bread twice a month. I love resolutions that are actually rewards!


Aren't they really the very best kind?

Thanks for stopping by!

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