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August 19, 2008


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I fell in love with Puerto Rico, too -- it was so much more interesting than I expected, more rich in cultural diversity and music and, yes, food! We traveled all around the island, including the coffee plantations in the interior, and really understood why so many people who had lived their lives in the US retired to Puerto Rica. It's beautiful there.


Fantastic! I am so glad you loved Puerto Rico. My parents love it so much they built a house there! I have had the pleasure of having Thanksgiving dinner in PR (like the American one, but with much cooler side dishes and sauces!). It sounds like an awesome trip!


I'm generally not a person who falls in love with places I visit. I understand I'm there on vacation and that that is very different than living there.... but Puerto Rico just hit me!

Ok you need to just let your parents know that they should be setting another place at the dinner table.... thank you very much... :)



How did I not comment on this? Oh, that's right; I'm working too hard. I guess so since it's Friday 6:19 p.m., and I'M STILL WORKING. Anyway, this looks wonderful - but Vieques looks beautiful. I want to have been on this trip and have this memory so I know where I want to go back to. I am thrilled you had a fabulous, overdue, well-deserved vacation.



You are so sweet! And yes you work wayyyyyy too hard! It really was fantastic.

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