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June 21, 2010


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Your bread looks beautiful! I have been making my own Jim Lahey no-knead bread since before Christmas. It is addictive.

Sunday morning's breakfast was Eggs Benedict made with Irish, instead of Canadian, bacon (much better) on top of my own bread toasted.


Olive bread always reminds me of a little bakery in Venice, Italy, around the corner from an apartment we rented about 10 years ago. Every morning we'd go to the bakery and buy fresh olive rolls, and then to the cheese shop for some local cheese. It was the perfect breakfast.


That sounds divine! What a perfect way to start any day.


So.... youre coming over to cook on Sunday? Great.


What kind of pot did you bake it in?


I use a medium size Cuisinart non-stick pot. Im pretty sure you could use any pot. You might need to butter a not-non-stick :)


Food Porn! So incredibly perfect.


And really... who doesnt like some good porn?

Healthy Foods Blog

You're not a baker? I'm impressed because you managed to bake a simply amazing bread. Well, I hope I can be as good as you.

- Tera


Oh Tera you are too sweet!

Spice Rack

Nice recipe! By the way can I use french chocolate for this recipe? I think it would be perfect for this recipe too. and Besides that's all I have in my under cabinet spice rack.

Michael Franco

Lovely bread, Erin. All that's needed is a glass of wine!


Everything is better with wine Michael!

Michael Franco

Ha! So true, Erin, a girl after my own heart!

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could you please messenger over a thick slice! I'll warm it and devour it with Spanish evo and or some formage blanc. Damn that looks good!


Ha! I totally could couldnt I! I have to say of all the breads popping out of the oven lately... it was the most quickly devoured. Doesnt it look so purdy?!


Simply brilliant. I have made a lot of no knead bread but it never occurred to me to just add olives.

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