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February 14, 2012


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This looks like a real keeper. But I still don't think you're a hippie.

Do not freak out, but next week (not this Friday) we will be starting our FOURTH year of Fridays!


I know! I realized that the other day. Crazy right?!

lunch at 11:30

baking bread AND doing yoga? IN ONE DAY? jeez. sounds *very* san francisco. also: i am totally going to have holly make these for me :)


I know! Kind of not possible to be more San Francisco. But hey, I'm bendy and I've got bread. There's worse things right?

lunch at 11:30

there's definitely worse things! (p.s. i think the only possible way you could be more san francisco is if you were listening to the grateful dead *while* doing yoga (while baking bread).

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