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April 12, 2012


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Great list.

(Except for Moby Dick.)


Hahahaha. What's wrong with Melville?

lunch at 11:30

this list is adorable. "make a fool of myself." hmm. i've probably done that at least a few times. (perhaps even in front of a #1 nytimes bestselling author?? ;)

yeah i think it would take more than just three months for me to get into shape. i played the french horn for five years in elementary/middle school but stopped bc while i could reach the notes, i couldn't actually *read* them. also i think if i touched a fish that i caught, i wouldn't be able to eat it. moby dick = cliff notes?? :)

p.s. 100 of your possessions is a lot! maybe you could just do, like, 25?



No! You're adorable! Ok so yes I've made a fool of myself... but neve consciously you know? 3 months is more like to be in the best shape I could be in in 3 months (while still boozing and eating red meat). I played the cello in middle school (too uncool to even be a band geek! I was an orchestra geek!) I hear ya on the fish. Moby Dick... gotta read it. No notes. 100 possessions is nothing! I have boxes of crap still packed from when I moved (2 YEARS ago!) One box prolly has 20 pairs of shoes. Boom! 40 possessions!

lunch at 11:30

HAH! just read your comment back. girl, you gotta LOTTA shoes!!!

p.s. ORCHESTRA GEEK! "this one time, at...orchestra camp..." nope! doesn't work ;)

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